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9 Reasons Why Video Production is Important for Small Business Marketing

We were assigned to create a corporate video to celebrate establishment in the industrial area of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The video serves as a tool to help UPC’s customers understand more about the company’s story, achievements, visions, and future plans. Upon approaching us, UPC requested a concise 2-4 minutes video that emphasizes their ODM service by highlighting UPC’s commitment in helping clients creating custom beauty or skincare products under UPC’s customers’ own names without the expertise, resources, or infrastructure to design, develop, and in-house manufacturing.

Open Project


As a production house, our goal was to create a compelling corporate video for UPC that effectively summarized their brand, business background, professionalism, services, vision, and mission within a concise 150-second timeframe. By doing so, we aimed to enhance UPC’s online presence and drive increased business engagement.

A well-crafted corporate video holds significant importance in today’s business landscape, as it serves as a visual representation of a company’s strength and credibility. Through our video production expertise, we showcased UPC’s unique selling points, highlighting their expertise, commitment to professionalism, and the comprehensive range of services they offer.

By condensing complex information into a visually engaging format, we enabled customers to quickly and easily grasp the essence of UPC’s business. Instead of going through lengthy slides or brochures, UPC could now leverage our video as a powerful tool to showcase their strengths on display hall TVs across China, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.



Established in 2010, UPC International Co., Ltd. is a renowned cosmetics manufacturing company that provides a professional one-stop service, ranging from consultation, design, and manufacturing to marketing assistance and after-sales service. In addition to the original manufacturing service model, UPC is committed to integrating and creating a unique and innovative manufacturing service model – ODM. The company aims to introduce the concept of the service industry to provide excellent product consultation and establish long-term partnerships with customers, welcoming and assisting more startups in the industry.



In contrast to typical corporate videos that begins with narrating a company profile, we engaged viewers by questioning the significance of BEAUTY in our lives. We believe that titling the video’s theme as “BEAUTY is important to us” is a more effective approach to grab the audience’s attention and pique their curiosity.


          (Final Result: Addressing beauty challenges and providing clear definitions captivates viewers, making the video more engaging.)


The rest of the video is dedicated to highlighting UPC’s mission and promises, demonstrating how UPC provides a comprehensive one-stop service solution to their customers. To emphasize their “CUSTOMERS COME FIRST” philosophy, we take on the perspective of UPC’s clients to show how they can achieve it with UPC’s automated solution.

Our goal was to make the ODM process’ messages clear to the audience while emphasizing UPC’s strengths: tailoring to clients’ needs and providing an effective one-stop solution.

We did this with a scene of a customer stepping into UPC’s display hall and were greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member. With a genuine smile on his face, the UPC representative passionately guides the client through the products, using a brochure to explain each offering in detail. This is done to illustrate the high level of training and professionalism every UPC salesperson possesses. Besides, this scene also effectively communicates UPC’s mission of “Customers Come First” by exemplifying their warm and welcoming approach to customer service so that it could set the tone for the rest of the video, leaving a lasting impression on viewers about the customer-centric culture and values that drive UPC’s business.

          (Final Result: Addressing beauty challenges and providing clear definitions captivates viewers, making the video more engaging.)


Besides, we also highlighted UPC’s newly built facilities: the Research & Development Lab, Product Display Hall, and well-structured production lines. These visuals played a pivotal role in strengthening clients’ trust by highlighting UPC’s advanced capabilities and commitment of excellence. This enables clients who have witness UPC’s cutting-edge technology and resources could feel confident in the company’s ability to meet their demands. Thus, by leveraging the power of visual storytelling, we created a lasting impression and fostered a strong sense of trust between UPC and its clients.

For the R&D lab, we focused on showcasing the process of lab researchers experimenting with new combinations and conducting ingredient tests before proceeding with production. This is because we wanted to highlight the aspect of UPC strict SOPs to ensure the safety and quality of their final product. Besides, by featuring UPC’s original lab workers, we were able to capture the nature of their workflow naturally as they perform their daily tasks, highlighting their professionalism and capabilities.




After a few pre-vis sessions, we decided on the following things: 

a. A constant tempo music would help segmentize the flow of the video without fondling the audience’s emotions. 
b. We rearranged the script to better suit the segmentation of the points clearly so that the message could follow the ‘hero journey’, such as Intro -> Achievement -> Hope to achieve in the near future -> Strong emphasis on mission and value to reinforce the message and end the video on a high note. 
c. We narrowed down unnecessary captions to accommodate the video better. 
d. We combined some of the points into the same segment (e.g. Golf Lab and Golf Tech) for faster coherence and well-balanced pacing. 
e. We completed some “missing” shots that weren’t planned earlier and decided what can/cannot be reenacted for the corporate video (well, the production side of things). 



1.  Decision to use company staff as talent instead of hiring professional talent: MST Golf is committed to investing in their staff’s development, so to align with the company’s values and beliefs, we decided to feature their staff as the stars of the video to showcase their professionalism and capabilities. Not only that, but it also helped us to capture natural aesthetics and achieve better results for the camera as the actors/staff showcased how they carry out their daily work naturally in front of the camera. Additionally, we suggested creating a quick-cut compilation of profile shots of staff according to their department to convey the message that a well-functioning company is a result of good teamwork of passionate and professional staff, which aligns with MST Golf’s core values. 

(Quick-cut compilation of staffs from different department)
(Extreme-wide angle shots)

2.  We used an extreme wide-angle lens to capture all of the 40,000sqft facilities provided by MST Golf. We loaded the camera on a gimbal and walked through the entire store to give audiences the impression of touring the store. We then focused on each section of the store, from storefront, retails, Golf Lab to Golf Arena. We also used a closer lens to highlight some of the brands available in the store, particularly the ones the client has a better partnership with, such as Taylormade, Honma, G3, etc. 

3.  Upon request, the client wished to showcase the latest products offered by their brand partners. Hence, we included each brand’s commercial in the video for the brand partner section to provide a clear presentation of the brand’s availability. We trimmed every commercial to convey the best image of the brands and to fit the flow of this corporate video. 

(One of the brand partners’ commercial – TaylorMade)
(Low key in Golf Lab, high key in playing section)

4.  Since Golf Lab and Golf Arena are one-of-a-kind services provided by MST Golf, we shot them cinematically to help MST Golf promote these two services. In Golf Lab, we used low-key lighting to enhance the technological aspect of the facilities, while for Golf Arena, we arranged for talents to have fun within the premises and lit the scenes with a high-key tone to portray a cheerful and exciting vibe to highlight the “fun” aspect customers get to experience in Golf Arena. 

5.  Reenactment of some B-rolls, such as playing, shopping, dining, driving range, and others, were created to fill up the visual gap. For events, tournaments, and the wholesale section, we documented them outside the shoot dates to capture the realism of these events. We also requested and used some documented photos of past major events hosted by MST Golf so that audiences could have a better view of what they had hosted previously. 

(Photos of past major tournaments organized/hosted by MST)
(CG scene to showcase the all the homepages of MST Golf super app)

6. For the digitalization part, we initially shot it with a person scrolling the app, but the client gave us feedback that it was hard to focus and look at what was on the screen. Hence, we opted for a CGI solution, which worked better to clear out what is nuanced to see in the frame. Through the use of CGI, we could effectively show the many functions of the app with clarity within a 5-second scene. 

7. Sustainability was a tricky part because MST Golf defines sustainability beyond recycling efforts. MST Golf envisioned sustainability as balancing the needs of the environment, people, the game, and the businesses. Eventually, we came up with the idea of passing a golf ball from an adult to a child from a golf course to an indoor golf simulator. This signifies the passing of a generation through sustainable means and evolution of the business and game. The client liked the idea, so we got the following shot: 

(Passing down a generation)

We are deeply grateful to share the successful outcomes achieved through our collaboration with a proactive client such as MST Golf, whom has demonstrated a remarkable level of care and passion towards their goal. Our corporate video effectively summarized their brand, history, and values, allowing them to condense their presentation by 15 pages and engage investors during their pitch. The visuals showcased MST Golf’s assets, generating interest and attracting more investors to visit their premises. Additionally, the video served as a powerful tool for MST Golf to showcase their company online, attracting unexpected investors. We also created an introductory video and compiled shots for their webpage banner. This collaboration exemplifies the effectiveness of working together to achieve remarkable outcomes and it was only possible because MST Golf had actively engaged during the process. We had many exchanges during the process, and we successfully overcome those issues by providing refined solution because MST has been proactively working closely with us. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of mutual dedication that led us here. Ultimately, we firmly believe that good work should always be a two-way street, where both parties invest their expertise, time, and enthusiasm to achieve outstanding outcomes. Overall, it is a delightful experience working with them and we hope there are more to come, whenever it is with MST Golf or with you who are reading this. 

Additionally, we also made a brief introductory video for MST Golf based on this corporate video and we’ve compiled some of the shots for their webpage banner (visit ). It’s a pleasant experience working with them and we are extremely blessed to have proactive client who are committed to work together. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we could discuss more regarding your next project!


Wilson Foo 
Executive Producer of MST Corporate Video 




(Director’s Cut)

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