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Branding | Happy Parent’s Day from Fiffybaby

The video highlights the theme of love, growth, and the importance of protection for future generations, using the fiffy baby product as a symbol of the continuity of life and family.

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    Branding | Commercial

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01 // Project overview

“Love and Protection for Future Generations”

The video starts by introducing a baby girl who grows up with the help of a Fiffy baby product. We follow her journey as she grows older, showing how Fiffy’s product continues to keep her safe and secure throughout her childhood. As she reaches high school, she receives scolding from her parents for getting a low grades on an exam. However, her father later apologizes and shows her love, emphasizing the importance of family support.

The video ends with the girl growing up and becoming a mother herself. Fiffy’s product is there to support her once again, as she raises her own children and protects the next generation with the same level of care and safety that she received when she was a baby.

02 // Challenges

The infant’s “Unpredictable Behavior”

Despite the best efforts of the parents, the babies would not stop crying, moving, or making sudden movements that would disrupt the shot. This was particularly challenging as the video was supposed to showcase the product’s safety features, so the baby and kid had to be in a specific position for the camera.

To overcome this challenge, we used a highly interactive toy that would keep the baby engaged and still, allowing us to get the shots that the director needed. The toy was made out of soft, non-toxic materials and had various textures, sounds, and light displays that would stimulate the baby’s senses.

– Kid having fun on set!

03 // More Screengrabs!

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