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“Captivating Beauty in Motion: Crafting with Union Profit Cosmetic”

We were assigned to create a corporate video to celebrate establishment in the industrial area of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The video serves as a tool to help UPC’s customers understand more about the company’s story, achievements, visions, and future plans. Upon approaching us, UPC requested a concise 2-4 minutes video that emphasizes their ODM service by highlighting UPC’s commitment in helping clients creating custom beauty or skincare products under UPC’s customers’ own names without the expertise, resources, or infrastructure to design, develop, and in-house manufacturing.

Open Project


As a production house, our goal was to create a compelling corporate video for UPC that effectively summarized their brand, business background, professionalism, services, vision, and mission within a concise 150-second timeframe. By doing so, we aimed to enhance UPC’s online presence and drive increased business engagement.

A well-crafted corporate video holds significant importance in today’s business landscape, as it serves as a visual representation of a company’s strength and credibility. Through our video production expertise, we showcased UPC’s unique selling points, highlighting their expertise, commitment to professionalism, and the comprehensive range of services they offer.

By condensing complex information into a visually engaging format, we enabled customers to quickly and easily grasp the essence of UPC’s business. Instead of going through lengthy slides or brochures, UPC could now leverage our video as a powerful tool to showcase their strengths on display hall TVs across China, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.



Established in 2010, UPC International Co., Ltd. is a renowned cosmetics manufacturing company that provides a professional one-stop service, ranging from consultation, design, and manufacturing to marketing assistance and after-sales service. In addition to the original manufacturing service model, UPC is committed to integrating and creating a unique and innovative manufacturing service model – ODM. The company aims to introduce the concept of the service industry to provide excellent product consultation and establish long-term partnerships with customers, welcoming and assisting more startups in the industry.



In contrast to typical corporate videos that begins with narrating a company profile, we engaged viewers by questioning the significance of BEAUTY in our lives. We believe that titling the video’s theme as “BEAUTY is important to us” is a more effective approach to grab the audience’s attention and pique their curiosity.


          (Final Result: Addressing beauty challenges and providing clear definitions captivates viewers, making the video more engaging.)


The rest of the video is dedicated to highlighting UPC’s mission and promises, demonstrating how UPC provides a comprehensive one-stop service solution to their customers. To emphasize their “CUSTOMERS COME FIRST” philosophy, we take on the perspective of UPC’s clients to show how they can achieve it with UPC’s automated solution.

Our goal was to make the ODM process’ messages clear to the audience while emphasizing UPC’s strengths: tailoring to clients’ needs and providing an effective one-stop solution.

We did this with a scene of a customer stepping into UPC’s display hall and were greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member. With a genuine smile on his face, the UPC representative passionately guides the client through the products, using a brochure to explain each offering in detail. This is done to illustrate the high level of training and professionalism every UPC salesperson possesses. Besides, this scene also effectively communicates UPC’s mission of “Customers Come First” by exemplifying their warm and welcoming approach to customer service so that it could set the tone for the rest of the video, leaving a lasting impression on viewers about the customer-centric culture and values that drive UPC’s business.

          (Final Result: Addressing beauty challenges and providing clear definitions captivates viewers, making the video more engaging.)


Besides, we also highlighted UPC’s newly built facilities: the Research & Development Lab, Product Display Hall, and well-structured production lines. These visuals played a pivotal role in strengthening clients’ trust by highlighting UPC’s advanced capabilities and commitment of excellence. This enables clients who have witness UPC’s cutting-edge technology and resources could feel confident in the company’s ability to meet their demands. Thus, by leveraging the power of visual storytelling, we created a lasting impression and fostered a strong sense of trust between UPC and its clients.


For the R&D lab, we focused on showcasing the process of lab researchers experimenting with new combinations and conducting ingredient tests before proceeding with production. This is because we wanted to highlight the aspect of UPC strict SOPs to ensure the safety and quality of their final product. Besides, by featuring UPC’s original lab workers, we were able to capture the nature of their workflow naturally as they perform their daily tasks, highlighting their professionalism and capabilities.

          (photos taken during our recce, understanding the SOP and daily routine of lab workers)
          (photos taken during our recce, understanding the SOP and daily routine of lab workers)

A strong manufacturing line acts as the backbone of an OEM and ODM business. Regardless of how good the research and development is, without strict quality control, well-planned standard operating procedures, and advanced machines for execution, the quality of the final product won’t be as good. By incorporating hyper lapse footage from different production rooms, showing each employee completing their assigned tasks so that we can showcase UPC’s well-planned standard operating procedures. We also highlighted multiple machines producing products from scratch to being ready for packaging, highlighting the highly effective automation process of UPC.

(Recce photos of the Manufacturing line)
          (Final Result: How we as video production house craft and arrange it into sequence to tell the story of UPC’s manufacturing)

Incorporating the concept of “Good Service” in the video posed a challenge to us, thus we invested considerable time brainstorming ideas. Initially, we proposed to showcase a portfolio of successful UPC clients. However, due to strict client confidentiality, we were unable to feature real clients in the video. Undeterred, we devised an alternative approach – We did a re-enactment scene of a happy customer interacting with UPC staff just so we can portray the idea of “good service” briefly.

During the re-enactment, we aimed to capture the genuine human interactions that take place between UPC and their clients. This approach allowed us to showcase the dedication, attentiveness, and personalized support that UPC provides to its clients. By highlighting these interactions, we illustrated UPC’s commitment to understanding client needs, responding to their demands, and delivering exceptional service.

To capture the humane element involved in UPC’s services, we have divided the scene sequences of ‘Services’ into two parts: internal and external.

First, for internal, we portrayed UPC’s dedication to meeting client demands by re-enacting scenes of their product progression meetings and discussions on market trends. These scenes indicate that UPC’s diligent work and extensive research has ensured they are always ahead of the industry and deliver exceptional products.

          (Final Result : Internal Team meeting, solving problem that client faces)

For the external part, we re-enacted a scene where a satisfied client receives the finished goods from the product manager. This scene indicates the moment of confidence and validation when their clients witness the outcome of UPC’s dedication in delivering high-quality products they have been eagerly anticipating.

          (Final Result : Sequences of product going through multiple departments and finally hand over to a satisfied client)

By showcasing both the internal and external aspects of UPC’s service, we demonstrate the company’s comprehensive approach to providing exceptional experiences. It highlights the teamwork, expertise, and genuine care that UPC’s team puts into every stage of the production process, from development to delivery. This portrayal captures the essence of UPC’s commitment to service excellence and leaves a lasting impression on viewers.


We utilized voiceover to enhance clarity and effeciently convey UPC’s vision and mission to the audience. The voices chosen for the Chinese and Cantonese versions have a deep and masculine tone. By the means of stereotyping, a masculine tone exudes authority, confidence, and professionalism. By employing such a voice, the corporate video instantly gained a sense of expertise and credibility. It resonates with the audience, conveying a strong and reliable business presence that commands attention and trust. The voice over serves as a representative of the business, mirroring its values and aspirations. It aligns with the company’s brand identity, emphasizing professionalism and setting a tone of authority. The voice-over becomes an integral part of the overall narrative, enhancing the business’s story and strengthening its position in the market.

Through this approach, it also reinforces UPC’s identity and enhances their brand recognition. As UPC expands from Hong Kong to Southeast Asia, we also recorded voiceovers in Chinese, English, and Cantonese to reach a broader audience.

At the time of scripting, one of the challenges we encountered was writing the voiceover script. The video needed to be in 2-4 minutes length, while UPC requested the video to be written in a more emotional narration instead of a traditional styled corporate script that simply summarizes company profile.


At first, we wanted to summarize the entire company report into concise sentences to ease readability. However, we encountered a challenge of incorporating too many professional wording, which distracted the audience and diverted their attention from the video’s main message. To address this, we went back to research on prominent Chinese corporate videos to find a solution.

(UPC’s company report and our final VO script)

Our solution involves adopting a more verbal and poetic script, where the voice-over guides the audience to understand UPC in a more humanistic manner. This approach enabled us to convey the essence of UPC’s brand and values in a way that resonates with viewers in a deeper level. We used four-character phrases (四字词语) in Chinese, as they were able to convey complex ideas and points with just four phonetics, making it an efficient tool to convey the message without the need for lengthy passages. Additionally, using these phrases in the script helps create an authentic cultural experience for the Chinese-oriented audience, as they are an integral part of Chinese culture.

          (四字词语 helps set the tone of the scene and helps Chinese audience understands UPC more)

It’s worth noting that Chinese and English are both distinct languages with different linguistic structures and cultural nuances. Directly translating Chinese idioms into English often results in awkward or nonsensical phrases. By expanding the idioms into verbal sentences, we retained the essence of the messages while ensuring the script flows naturally and resonates with English-speaking audiences. This approach acknowledges the differences between the two languages and ensures that the English version of the script maintains clarity, consistency, and effectiveness in conveying UPC’s key points.

Upon completing the Chinese script, we encountered a challenge with the English version, due to directly translating Chinese to English would result in indifferent meaning. To solve this, we took a different approach by expanding the wordings into more verbal sentences, allowing the voice-over actor to serve as a character to highlight key points and showcasing UPC’s services. We conducted pre-recordings using Google’s AI sound, and the output was promising. The voice-over seamlessly integrated into the overall flow of the video, providing a sense of trust and helping the audience understand UPC better.



The color tone of the overall video predominantly consists of white and blue. This choice not only reflects UPC’s logo color and company branding but also creates an impression of cleanliness and tidiness. The white walls, white working suits, and white tables help the audience focuses on the characters and their actions, while the employees’ skin tone and blue gloves stand out more in the frame, capturing the audience’s attention to their work. Besides, blue color also holds a prominent signification in cosmetics company. The blue color symbolizes trust, reliability, and serenity, making it the perfect representation of UPC’s commitment to providing high-quality and trustworthy beauty products.

Furthermore, the blue market, as we refer to it, represents a larger segment of consumers who seek stability and consistency in their beauty routine, bringing out UPC’s company mission : striving to cater to this market by offering a diverse range of products that align with their preferences and desires. By highlighting the color blue, we presented a sense that UPC’s products provide a sense of reliability and assurance.

          (white and blue color was mainly featured in the most of the scenes to harmonise the tone and modd of the whole video)


The result was a dynamic and impactful corporate video that not only elevated UPC’s brand image but also facilitated better and faster understanding among potential clients. By presenting UPC’s key messages in a visually captivating manner, we ensured that their target audience could quickly connect with their values, services, and overall vision.

Through our collaboration with UPC, we contributed to their success by effectively capturing and conveying their unique identity, ultimately helping them establish stronger business engagement and drive growth in their target markets.


Paul Choong
Executive Producer of Union Profit Cosmetic (UPC) Corporate Video 

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