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“Cooking up Sales-boosting Boba for Bungkus KawKaw in a studio.”

In this blogpost, we will be sharing how we created a mouth-savory video that will generate BKK’s customers’ interests which ultimately helps BKK to drive more. We will be sharing our approach on how we showcase the traditional Malay elements of BKK’s products while highlighting the handmade and authentic aspects of the Boba Pearls. By appealing to the nostalgic and familiar tastes of the Malay market, we were able to emphasize the high quality of BKK’s products. Read on to find out more how we did it:

Open Project


Bungkus KawKaw is a Malaysia-based F&B business that brings traditional Malaysian homemade taste to its customers. Its focus on local flavors and convenient take-away options has made it a popular choice for Malaysians looking for comfort food. The name ‘Bungkus’ (meaning ‘take away’ in Malay) adds to its selling point, making it easy for customers to enjoy their favorite meals anytime, anywhere. ‘KAWKAW’ is a Malay slang term that describes rich and thick flavors, further emphasizing Bungkus KawKaw’s dedication to satisfying the Malaysian palate.


The purpose of this video is to announce Bungkus KawKaw’s new product launch – three different flavors of Boba Pearls – on social media. Our task is to highlight the traditional Malay style of the brand (‘Kampung’) and its handmade element, while showcasing the rich flavors and chewiness of the Boba pearls. Our target audience is primarily the Malay group, so it’s essential to emphasize the traditional Malay aesthetics in the video to appeal to Bungkus KawKaw’s customer base.


Firstly, through an in-depth analysis of BKK’s customer base, we have found that the majority of customers are from the Malay market. To evoke a sense of nostalgia among consumers, we have developed an idea of a Malay mother handcrafting boba pearls for her child in a traditional Malay village setting. Our entire concept revolves around the themes of Malay tradition, handmade craft, and the village setting.


To achieve this, we extensively researched the appearance of a typical Malay village. Our research revealed that most houses in Malay villages are constructed using wood and rattan materials, which we have incorporated into the background to lend a more authentic feel to the setting.

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 3.43.17 PM
(Kitchen-ware that are commonly used in Malay Kampung houses)
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 3.40.35 PM
(Interior of Malay Kampung Houses)

We had arranged the flavors in a sequential manner and elaborated with raw ingredients on each of the three flavors. By doing so, we were able to focus on highlighting the three different textures of the bobas, convincing viewers that the bobas were made freshly from scratch. Ultimately, we wished to help BKK to sell the idea that their boba is FRESHLY MADE DAILY.


We opted for natural lighting that mimics the lighting ambient of a typical traditional Malay kitchen as typical Malay usually has weak light sources coming from window. Wood and Rattan based kitchenware are mostly featured in the video as when lighting hit on the texture, it casts a natural shadow, creating a contrast look to the overall output, making the BOBA PEARL stands out more.  The technique of moving light is also used to mimic the passing of time, conveying that BKK’s BOBA PEARL is made with heart and extreme precision no matter how time consuming it is, just to let the consumers taste the greatest HANDMADE BOBA PEARL.

(Final Result : The textures and colors of the raw ingredients and boba stands out more contrasting with the natural lighting created)


Roses are often associated with delicacy, vibrancy, and luxury, known for their unique aroma and eye-catching colors. The special thing about roses is that their beauty and aroma need to be carefully preserved as they tend to fade quickly. Thus, we wished to highlight the element of “Fading Beauty” through this concept.

To capture the essence of the roses, we decided to enhance it with shining reflection of light rays. This is because we can relate it to luxury items such as diamonds through this approach. We achieved this through the use of water and placing glass in front of the lenses to capture the shining bokeh effect. This could also soften the edges of the picture, adding a dreamy look to the shot. While water is tied to being a natural resource, we used it to signifies that BKK’s roses are well preserved freshly before it was being made into boba.

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 3.32.47 PM
(Roses with water makes it look fresher. Pairing with wood base background and traditional kitchen ware creating the HANDMADE feel)
(Reflective and diamond like foregrounds enhances the elegance and luxury of Rose as a raw material)
(The element of water makes the raw material looks more organic)
(Adding reflective and glass texture, casting it with the lights creates a dreamy and luxury look)
(Water as a natural resource, does well in enhancing the organic of rose and haromonises the pace of the result video)


Coffee is a staple beverage in the daily lives of many Malaysians, and a fresh cup of coffee can signify the start of a great day. To achieve the thick, aromatic coffee that Malaysians love, fresh roasted coffee is a necessity.

Our coffee section is themed around the Malaysian Kopitiam, a traditional breakfast spot where many Malaysians begin their day with a cup of coffee. This design choice was made to connect with the audience and evoke feelings of nostalgia and appreciation for the thick, flavorful taste of their morning coffee.

(Morning Coffee Shops look in Malaysia, sunlight coming through the window, filled with traditional tableware)
(Grinding Coffee Beans using traditional coffee tool kit)
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 3.35.15 PM
(Guiding the audiences through the process, etc grinding beans, shoveling beans)

During the filming of the coffee-making process, we used smoke machines to create the impression of freshly roasted coffee, and we incorporated a morning sunlight ray to accentuate the perception of a freshly brewed cup of coffee being served in the morning. Traditional coffee-making equipment, such as coffee kettles, coffee bean shovels, and old-fashioned coffee bean grinders, were also utilized to fill the frames. By showcasing the steps of shoveling and grinding coffee beans, we aim to guide the audience through the process of obtaining their favorite morning coffee.

(Light casting on the mimicked smoke, enhancing the freshly roasted coffee beans)
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 3.36.48 PM
(Recreating The Morning Coffee and fresh roasted coffee beans, morning sunlight and smoke )
(presenting the process, guiding the audiences to their favourite MORNING COFFEE)


Filming the extraction of pandan essence presented a challenge for us as its appearance can resemble grass, making it seem like an unwelcome distraction in the video. This issue had the potential to undermine the quality of the shot, as the audience could have difficulty understanding what was being shown.

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 3.31.16 PM
(Grass Looking Pandan Leaves)
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 3.31.28 PM
(By placing the cut leaves in front of the frame, using a higher plate to focus the processed leaves and place the raw grass like pandan in the background harmonizes the picture more)

To enhance the visual appeal, we used wood-based kitchenware props to create a sense of harmony in color and contrast, resulting in a tidier and more pleasing overall framing. This allowed the audience to be more easily guided towards looking at the pandan leaves.

To overcome this, we cut the leaves into small pieces and separated each one individually, presenting the ingredient in various forms and placing it in an organized foreground and background.

(Color Palette of Raw Pandan Leaves in different forms, the light green and wood color creates contrast and harmony and a sense of nature throughout the frame)
(By placing the cut leaves in front of the frame, using a higher plate to focus the processed leaves and place the raw grass like pandan in the background harmonizes the picture more)

Overall, our approach will be to showcase the traditional Malay elements of BKK’s products while highlighting the handmade and authentic aspects of the Boba Pearls. By appealing to the nostalgic and familiar tastes of the Malay market and emphasizing the high quality of BKK’s products, we aim to create a compelling video that will generate interest and help BKK to drive more sales from potential customers after watching the video.


Paul Chong
Executive Producer of BKK Boba Product Video


(Final Video)

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